Hello, Sunshine!

Welcome home.

The Bee Co. was born to amplify impact. 

We care what you do but we care more why you do it.  

That's why we support change makers and global shakers. We work closely with clients to identify and express your unique mission. Your one-of-a-kind why.

The Bee Co. knows how to connect with your people and share your brand with authenticity and ingenuity. 

We work with mission-driven businesses, non-profits, and independent creators to develop a go-to-market business plan, refine messaging, build community, and launch digital and grassroots marketing tactics. 

The Bee Co was founded on a belief that big changes begin with little people, pure intentions and clear direction. Together, we create the future of this world. 

Let's blossom your brand! 


About the Founder


Margaret Bee


Margaret lives in pursuit of magic with curiosity as her compass. 

She earned her BA in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley (4.0 GPA) and her MS in Marketing Communications & Journalism at Northwestern. 

She has orchestrated brand strategies and managed marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and start ups, including The Gap, Eventrbrite, Opentable, The Sattva Collection, Five Suns Foods, and most recently, Reimagine. 

Since 2015, Margaret has traveled all over the world working with ethical entrepreneurs to launch small businesses that make a big difference. She believes that we each have a responsibility to own a thread of the tapestry and that, together, we can weave collective change. 

Margaret has a lightness of being coupled with a commitment to doing the work that promotes systematic social change through creativity and conversation. She is a strategic storyteller, brand communicator, and cultural ethnographer who develops and implements actionable, data driven marketing strategy and builds brands that people believe in.



When not devoting her time to supporting change initiatives, Margaret can be found arranging bouquets, teaching yoga, making vegan chocolates, meditating, dancing, and driving her camper van around the California coast. 

Margaret is a 2000-hr certified yoga teacher, devoted to living life as yoga and sharing the beauty of this practice. She spent 2 years in Asia, specifically India, Nepal, and Bali, where she shared the practice informally and humbly, honoring the lineages and teachers who have walked this path before her. Passions include advocating for food justice, supporting global women's rights, exploring far reaches of the earth, and getting her hands dirty in soil & feet kissed by earth.




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